Redes Cristianas  Christian Networks


(See below for a description of Eclesalia, an Internet free publication in Spanish for Christians with a growing subscription)

On 9th September 2005 in the framework of the XXVth (annual) Theology Congress (in Madrid), a group of Christian organizations discussed initiating a coordination of our feelings and experience that would unite us in a common activity.

Eclesalia joined this initiative to convene all those persons and groups who wanted to join this platform.  We sent out their addresses to the people who acted as links and in the "Asamblea 2005", organized under the theme "Christian Faith and Citizens' Conscience" (19th-20th November) we constituted the list of those of us who embarked on this programme.

"Redes Cristianas" (Christian Networks) is the result of this process:  147 groups of Catholic Base Communities and Movements established in Spain;  women and men, lay people, priests, nuns and monks, with their insipiration in the Gospels and the spirit of Vatican II.  On 14th June, Redes Cristianas will be presented in a press conference at 12 noon in the Unesco Centre (Plaza de España 6-2nd floor, Madrid)

"Redes Cristianas" is born with its own "identity card", starting point, declaration of intentions, indicating our objectives.  This is only the beginning.  What happens next, only God knows.

Peace and goodwill.

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