European Network Church on the Move

Réseau Européen Eglises et Libertés
Europaïsches Netzwerk Kirche im Aufbruch
Red Europea Iglesia por la Libertad

The European Network is awarded  the participatory status with the Council of Europe

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" "Those, in fact, who believe in Christ .... they eventually become the 'chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people that God has acquired ..." (1 Pt 2 9)
 Lumen Gentium II 9

Annual Conference of the European Network London 5-10 May 2009
Catholic reform movements launch international Petition " For fulle recognition of the Second Vatican Council"

Press release about the lift of excomuunication of 4 traditionalist bishops
Comments on  Ministries and Eucharistic celebrations (follow up of the Booklet of Dominicans from Holland)

 Presentation of the European Network
 Ongoing actions by Topic

Actions at the level of international institutions:
 Interfaces churches relkigion, society
 Actions regarding Catholic institutions

 Publications and press releases of the European Network
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- Who are we?
Member Associations
What do we do?
 Activity Report 2006-2007
How to contact us?

-- Latest
-- Social Cohesion:
Symposium at the Council of Europe 3 and October 4, 2007
 "Social Cohesion in a multicultural Europe, the role and impact of the currents of thought and of religion"

Intercultural Dialogue
- contribution to the White Paper of the Council of Europe
- Interconvictionnal dimension of Intercultural Dialogue (contribution to the symposium on the religious dimension of the intercultural dialogue
- Research on Spirituality
2nd Morld Forum Liberation Theology aat Nairobi

-- Interface Church, relgion society: Secularism  and laïcity
Report of activities within the Council of Europe in July 2007
- Activities of the European Network within this group
Religion and Politics in the New Europe, report of the forum on November 27, 2007
Living Church otherwise

Annual Conferences
Madrid 2005 
Wiesbaden 2006
Lisbon 2007
Strasbourg 2008
- Actions of member associations:
 See the sites of these associations
I)  Within the Coucil of Europe Europe
- In the frame of the Conference of INGOs
In cooperation with the International Catholic Organizations (ITO)
- Social cohesion in Europe, the role of religions and currents of thought
Interconvictionnal dimension of Intercultural Dialogue
- Church and states  relations : Secularism and Laïcity

II) Within the  All parti Working Group of the European Parliament on Religion and Politics
  - Activities of the European Network within this group
- Forum
of 27
November 07 on Religion and Politics in the New Europe

III)  Actions regarding the European Union
-  Statement of Catholic base movements on the  future of Europe, fifty years of the Treaty of Rome: Which Europe at the beginning of the Millennium?
European Social Forums
- - Life Church
  Communities, Ministries
- Reaction to the actions of COMECE
- Reaction to the actions of B XVI
- Actions in consultation with IMWAC
- Actions in consultation with the Base communities
- EURONEWS Bulletin
News and motions

General Publications

- Contributions of ICO of the Council of Europe at the 3rd ecumenical meeting of Sibiu

Latest news
Relations with Muslims
  (CCCE release CEC and December 07)

- Information to share
- Links with other associations
Czech Republic
Great Britain

Statement by J. Gaillot in May 2007 at Lisbon

 - Booklet of Dominicans from Holland on ministries and Eucharistic celebration

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